Frequently Asked Questions

Preorder Questions


What devices are compatible with Little Engineer?

It works with iPad 2, 3, 4, Pro, Air 1, Air 2, Mini 1, Mini 2, Mini 3, and Mini 4.

Will this work for my Android tablet?

No, we only Apple compatible for now.

Can I get a refund when I purchase the $5 upfront?

No, unfortunately. All reservations are final.

Game Play Questions


The game stopped responding. What do I do?

1. First, check that the reflector, stand, and cushion have been set up properly. You can check the image in the “Instruction Manual” for guidance.

2. Check the iPad and reflector’s location. Adjust the iPad’s position, placing it in the middle of the stand, and the reflector over the iPad camera.

3. Enter the iPad’s “Settings” — “Privacy” — “Camera” and grant the game permission to use the camera.

4. On the main screen of the game, click the “?” button, where there will be detailed information about installation.

5. Check whether the game is supported by your operating system and hardware.

Why did it stop sensing the blocks?

1. Check whether the reflector is smudged or dirty. If so, please clean it.

2. Check that your surroundings are not too brightly lit or near strong red, purple, or other colored light in the area. For the best gaming experience, we recommend well-lit surroundings with few reflective surfaces.

3. Confirm that your product has been installed and set up according to the instructions in the instruction manual.

4. Confirm that the game is placed in the correct position. If the pieces are outside the camera’s range, it will have an effect on game play.

The game isn’t granting access to the camera. What do I do?

Please select “Settings” — “Privacy” — “Camera” and allow the game access to the camera.

What hardware is this product compatible with?

The Explorer-X is supported by the following Apple products: iPad 2/iPad 3/iPad 4/iPad Air/iPad Air 2/iPad Mini/iPad Mini 2/iPad Mini 3/iPad Mini 4/iPad Pro. As new Apple products are released, we will continue to update our product compatibility.

Which systems can support this product?

All Explorer-X products are supported by the following operating systems: ios7/ios8/ios9. As Apple releases new systems, we will continue to update our product compatibility.

I use an Android tablet. Why can’t I play?

Currently our products are only supported by Apple. Android users please be patient!

My tablet is an Apple product. Why can’t I play?

Please check that your ios is upgraded to 7 or above. In Settings-General-About, you can view which version of ios you are using.

Will the game be updated?

We will occasionally update the app. Please make sure to check regularly for updates.

Can my surroundings affect the game?

Our products have undergone many tests, but we recommend adequate lighting for gameplay. Overly bright or colored lighting may have an effect on your gaming experience.

The light is red, but the game isn’t recognizing anything.

Our product also uses color recognition technology. When exposed to abnormal lighting (for example blue, red, or purple light, etc.), it may have an effect on your gaming experience.

The reflector stopping sensing the blocks while I was playing. What do I do?

You may close the game and restart it.

How do I close the game?

Double click home, then close.

How do I enter scanning mode?

According to the on-screen directions, place the magnetic blocks in the empty spaces in the level. The scanning is complete.

How do I start playing?

1. First scan the Q block to start the level.

2. Use the blocks to fill in empty spaces in the level.

3. Plan out Q’s route, drag the commands, and press the execute button.

How do I pass each level?

When Q reaches the crystal at the end of the level, you’ve won.

How do I get a high score?

1. Complete the task for the level.

2. Eat all the food in the level.

3. Use the correct commands.

Where can I see what I’ve already learned?

Press the button under every level to see relevant information about it.

How do I unlock levels?

1. After completing a level, the next one will unlock automatically.

2. After completing all the levels in an area, the next area will unlock.

How do I change a block I’ve already put down?

Place a block in the appropriate areas of the level to replace a previously placed block.

How do I destroy monsters?

Select the pink detecting command, then drag the monster conditional statement. Where you hit a yellow light command drag a change shape command into the monster conditional statement. This way, you can change shape when you encounter a monster to destroy it.

How do I remove extra or incorrect commands?

Drag the command to the blue area at the bottom of the board to delete.

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